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"Hello Luci you finally came," you said cheerfully. Your good friend and crush Luciano Vargas agreed to come round your house to a movie with you. "yeah yeah I promised didn't I?" He said walking in taking his jacket and shoes off.

"So what are we watching?" He asked sitting down on your sofa. "This," you said holding up a movie called the ring. "This is in Karu's movie collection at his house Vee~," "Have you seen it before?" "no," you smirked at this knowing his secret which he never shows in front of people of course. "Lets watch it then." you could feel the tension and nervousness luciano had around him... this was going to be fun

Time skip...

"W-What the h-hell. Why would she watch it if she knew what it does Vee~," Luciano asked angrily. Half way through the film and Luciano was holding you close with his arm tightly around your waist; you could feel him shaking from fright. You were holding the bowl of popcorn on your lap until a scary scene came and Luciano jumped making the bowl fall from your lap onto the floor.

You sighed and got up form the sofa "I'm going to get some more popcorn," you said walking into the kitchen. "W-What N-...," Luciano cut him self off before saying no don't leave me,' making you tern around and smirk "I won't be long," you said before going to the kitchen.

Luciano was now sitting on his own with his eyes glued to the screen as the girl was crawling out of the screen in the movie. Luci sweat dropped and started to shake but sighed in re-leaf when you sat next to him again.

Time skip...

The movie was now finished leaving the story on a cliffhanger. You walked to the t.v and turned it off "so what did you think?" "I-I t wasn't scary at all," Luciano said shaking his head. "really," you asked cocking an eyebrow "yep," "so do you wan't to watchthe second movie with me?" Luciano sweat dropped again and chuckled lightly "Na I'm OK... It's getting late I should go home," "Oh OK."

Luciano opened the door and froze all of a sudden your street was in pitch black and he suddenly got nervous. "What's wrong Luci?" "U-Uuuuum... Actually can I stay round tonight please bella?" he asked blushing. Your eyes lightened up and nodded "of course you can," "A-Also can I sleep with tonight I-I don't want to sleep by myself." It was now your tern to blush but you smiled 'so adorable,' "For sure,"

You guys dressed and ready for bed. You were lying down and looked up at the ceiling until you felt warmth around you. you turned your head and Luciano held you close and tightly "g-good night bella donna," you chuckled and kissed him on the forehead "good night Luci." "oh a-and if you tell my brother or anyone else about this. I-I make sure that you... that you suffer the consequence," and with that he kissed you on the lips.

"Ti amo (y/n)," Luci said before drifting off to sleep. You chuckled and sighed "I promise. Ti amo Luci."          
2p Italy is so adorable. hehe Reader you are so evil to poor Luci. I hope you enjoy this oneshot.

story written by: me :iconhappysuzi:

you belong to: :iconyay2pitalyplz:
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LaurenJr Featured By Owner May 17, 2014
A 2p mass murderer and he is afraid of Horrors? Oh sweet irony that's a classic xD
LinsaSake Featured By Owner May 16, 2014
I am so going to make his life hell with this secret~ I wonder how he'd react to Little Shop of Horrors~!! XD
Cute!!! Adorable!! And, as awesome as zhe awesome Prussia (Prussia: ALMOST!)
HetalianLoverXD Featured By Owner May 16, 2014  Student Writer
Awww is little Luci scared?
This is so cute XD
ThatWerewolfChick Featured By Owner May 15, 2014
Luci, *chuckle* your scared? *bursts out laughing*

Luciano: Shut up ragazza. And I told you not to call me that!! How many times do I have to say it?!
MasaruSuzuka Featured By Owner May 15, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Um, reader-chan called Luciano "Feli" at one part.. >w< And isn't it Kuro? Not "Karo". Or is that a different character..? >w<
Other than that, cyute story~! X3
AkasunaYuki3 Featured By Owner May 15, 2014
Nah I get what you mean but there are no official names for the 2P!'s so I think it's still japan
MasaruSuzuka Featured By Owner May 15, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Oh.. Okay. :icono3oblinkplz:
Portugal22 Featured By Owner May 15, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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