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December 16, 2013
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"So (y/n) who is the lucky guy" said Alfred. "Oh a map of Germany lets see if America is on there," Alfred said snatching the map off of you and looking at it, "Um, America is not on the map," he said bluntly. "Can my 1p get any more stupid," Al sighed and hit the back of Alfred's head. "Ow, dude that was uncalled for," Alfred said rubbing the back of his head, Al just rolled his eyes. You heard whispering so you turned to see Feli talking to Ludwig, must be something embarrassing because Ludwig started to blush. He turned his head to look at you making your cheeks turn pink and looked away. When you turned your head to look at Ludwig again he was walking towards you making your face heat up even more he held out his hand offering you to take it witch you did and started to walk to the closet. "60 minutes. Ve~ remember what I just told you Ludwig," Feli said with his innocent smile or not-so-innocent smile shall we say.

5 minutes of silence but it felt like fore ever and you were the first one to break it. "So, what did Feli tell you?" when you asked Ludwig's face went bright red, "Oh u-um I-it... it was n-nothing," he said stumbling over his words. You smirked and walked over to him making him blush even more if possible. "It doesn't sound like nothing," you said in a sing song voice giggling afterwards. "No really it was nothing," Ludwig said trying to avoid eye contacted. "Oh my god, Ludwig you are such a bad liar, just tell me," you said cupping his cheeks with the palms of your hands forcing him to look at you. He didn't need to tell you what Feli said because he showed you, his lips smashed against yours pushing your back against the door making you yelp and pinning your arms above your head.

Your eyes widened and the same sentence repeating in your head over and over again 'my crush is kissing me,' as soon as the sentence faded away you relaxed and kissed him back.
Ludwig brought one of his arms down and went around you waist making you get chills down your spine and moan a little. You both needed to brake for air and both panting heavily. "Ich Liebe Dich (y/n)," he said letting go of your arms. "Ich liebe dich auch Ludwig," you said putting your arms around his neck and started kissing, tangling your fingers in his hair messing it up so some of it was nearly over his eyes. "You know you look more attractive like that," you said with a smirk. "Oh frau, you would look hot with nothing on," he said making you face bright red and his once he realized what he just said but the way he said it is what turned you on so you kissed him again but with more need.

Time skip

The two of you were now sitting in one of the corners of the closet making out and you two looked at each other. You were straddling him, Ludwig hair was all messy and his dress shirt was undone while your dress was half way up your hips. Ludwig started kissing your neck, shoulders and chest leaving bite mark on your skin. He was going to go further until Feli opened the door "Ve~ times up-," Feli's eyes opened and widened when he sour the site of you nearly naked and Ludwig groping you. Suddenly there was a flash from a camera and japan smiling. "Kiku delete that picture right now," you said angrily while getting up and sorting yourself out before running out the door to get him. Feli's eyes were shut again and gave Ludwig the thumbs up, "good job. I knew you could do it Ludwig," Feli said smiling. "Yeah your advice was lets go and find (y/n) before she murders Kiku for taking that picture," he said with a small smile on his face following you and Kiku.
this one was hard to write but I managed it so here you go enjoy

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Nope, still gonna murder Kiku.
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Italy where did your innocence go?
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Now all I need is to plan Kiku's funeral
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Me: ~is Reading this and Dosent know Italy is coming in here room.~
Italy: Hello Hyrule watcha readin
Me: ~slams laptop shut,~ N-Nothing Italy!
Italy: Were u reading a Germany x reader lemon?
Me: Nope!
Italy: I know That u and Germany having toys
~End Great story BTW
cookiehades Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2014
ClaraaDrowned7789 Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
please dont take the name! i roleplay as my own country
cookiehades Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2014
I won't XD So don't worry :) I'm actually using Johto as my country name, not too bad I guess :D
ClaraaDrowned7789 Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you and that is not a bad name mabye ill put you in my next story on Quotev ill give u the link after im finished
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