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Floor 5 let the games begin

(Warning a little bit violence and a little bit of blood)

"Bloody hell, were are we?" Said Arthur rubbing his head. "I think we are in the castle," (y/n) said looking around the room. It was dark until it was lit up by candle light "welcome to the game trapped you five have been selected to take part here are the rule," that voice sounded like Arthur but more childish. Every one turned to look at Arthur, he jumped a bit at the sudden stare and put both arms up in defence. The voice continued "the rules are simple five people, five floors, five challenges but only one winner that can go home freely." "You are all on floor five working down this first challenge, look around you it looks like you are in a one floor house with a bed in the middle." "This first challenge is simple, every one knows the story of little red ridding hood all you have to do is each of you choose a cupboard and save a granny with out waking the wolf up." "This room is small with loads of loud objects so try not to make a noise other wise it's back to the beginning, the four who save the grandmas will go to the next level the last person will loose and will be trapped on this floor for ever," the voice said laughing childishly at the end. "And what happens once we are trapped?" You asked "well you will become our toy and be part of the many challenges on this floor... you will be surprised how many people come here after a ship wreck," he explained "you ready? So let the challenge begin."

"This isn't a game this it torture, blindness, painless torture," you said huffing and puffing. "Don't worry chica we will get through this," said Antonio patting you on the back. "You know how everyone says there no I in team,"you said while they all nodded "well with these challenges we have to do and only one can win meaning there is no we in team... we are all on our own in this," you continued starting to walk forward. "I'm going in wish me luck guys," said Gilbert walking over pots and pans trying not to make a noise. "Me too," you said following behind. "Me tries," Antonio started following. "Me square," whispered Francis. "Me five I guess," sighed Arthur.

Time skip brought to you by 2p's

Now it was just you and Arthur because he accidentally knocked a pan off of the stove, waking the wolf chasing you with a knife in his hand back to the starting point and giving you few more Cuts and bruises. That was the third time the wolf attacked you and now you were a bruising cutting mess the others are already on the fourth floor waiting, you needed to get to the next level but how were you going to do that while Arthur was on his guard 'got it.' "Hey Arthur listen I know we only we've know each other four like God knows how many hours but I think you are a pretty cool guy You know that right," "and while we are stuck in this situation I would like to know you more you before one of us get to go the next level while the other will be trapped here," she said looking around the creepy room really not wanting to stay here. "Wow you think I'm cool no one has ever called me that... well I guess I can I tell you a bit about myself and traveling the seven seas." While Arthur was rambling on about his time on the ocean and how he fought your three friends you were already half way across the room.

'One more step_,' "Hey you distracted me," you turned around and sour him looking at you with sad eyes tears rolling down his face witch made you start tearing up also. His voice woke the wolf and started charging towards you, you quickly ran towards the cupboard an opened it and sour a boy in a nightgown he had light brown/red hair and honey coloured eyes and a strange curl on his left side of his head. You quickly got him out of the cupboard and moved out of the way of the 'wolf' about to stab you but hit the big wooden box instead also knocking the 'wolf' out.

"Congratulations you are the fourth person that has managed to save a grandma you are now going to the next level," said the voice. You turned to look at Arthur and mouthed 'I'm so sorry' before a trapped door opened underneath your feet and disappeared. "Well, well, well Arthur it seems you have lost," "how do you know my name," Arthur said shaking. "Lets just say the hole team knows who you and your little friends are but.... only the winner will find out who we are," "one more thing you psychos you won't hurt the them or the winner will you," "again I can not tell now let me say what I want to say," Arthur just nodded. "Good.... YOUR TRAPPED," said the voice laughing like a child again.
Sorry England fans I made reader-chan a bitch towards poor Arthur but this is a BIT x reader so they all have to stick together.

I still hope you enjoy

Part 3: you are here

Romacat Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2014
NOOO!!! Not Arthur, even if I saved a chibi Romano. I'm still sad. Great job though...
MarzyLovezKittys167 Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Noooo Artie ;A;
aerithsbestfriend Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
No Arthur ;-; Anyway good job. Love it so far.
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