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You and Feliciano, the bubbly and happy Italian, and also your boyfriend, were sitting on a small hill in a field with beautiful long green grass and flowers all around it. It was a nice hot summers day and you and Feliciano were just talking and laughing.

"Oh Feli this is perfect don't you think" you giggled,

"Si Bella it's just you, me, Ludwig and Kiku, it's nice, Ve" he said breathing in the summer air.

"Ja, you picked a good spot (Y/N) it's a gutt place to relax and think" Ludwig said with a small smile,

“Hai I agree, I have been doing that since we first got here today remembering the first time you introduced me and Feli to (Y/N)".

You never forgot that day; you met Feliciano and Kiku through Ludwig, one of your longest and closest friends. He introduced you both when you invited Ludwig to your house to hang out and Ludwig asking if his two friends could come round as well and you agreed and that was three years ago.

Flash back

Your POV

You were doing one of you favorite things you like to do and that was baking. You baking cupcakes the ones that your mum used to make when you were younger. After the cakes were cooked and you put your (F/C) icing and sprinkles, you were waiting for your best friend Ludwig to arrive with his two new friends. While you were still waiting you decided to sing one of you favorite songs on your karaoke machine, you were singing one of the latest songs 'uncover' by Zara Larsson. You were singing your heart out not caring about anything, you were in your own little world and your eyes were closed. You forgot you give a spare key to Ludwig so you didn't even here the door open and close.

Ludwig POV

I parked my car outside (Y/N) house, I could already here music playing in the house and her singing. I love hearing (Y/N) sing, her voice sounded like an angel. Every time we hang out and awkward silence between us she would start singing or humming to her favourite tunes, she was like a sister I never had. Bringing Ludwig back to reality a bubbly Italian spoke up while they were walking to the front door.

"Ve, Ludwig who-a is that singing, is it your friend the one you-a have been telling us about" said the Italian.

"Ja that's her voice" said Ludwig.

A man with a Japanese accent spoke up, "her voice is very Beautiful" said the Japanese man.

I didn't won't her to stop singing to open the door for us so I pulled out the spare keys she gave me; I unlocked the door and walked in opening it and closing it quietly so she would here. All three of us walked in to the sitting room and we stood there listening until she finished the song.  
Your POV

After the song finished there was a lovely, long silence before you heard clapping in the back ground, you spun around and saw Ludwig and his friends standing in the corner applauding you. You never sung in front of anyone except your family and Ludwig so you went bright red, you went so red you could make tomatoes look jealous.

"When did you get here" you said in shock,

"Not long (Y/N) we just didn't want to disturb your singing" said Ludwig.

"Any vay let me introduce you to my friends, (Y/N) this is Kiku..."

He was cut off by a man with red/brown hair and honey collared eyes that were closed, run up to and giving you a bear hug.

"And my name is Feliciano Vargas but you can call Feli. Ve, Bella your voice is Beautiful" he said with excitement releasing you taking your left hand and kissing it making your face heat up and a small blush on your cheeks.

"A-ah well nice to meet you kiku and Feli, and thank you for the complement Feli" you said nervously with a small smile on your face.

You got to know kiku and Feli a bit more and how they met Ludwig and how you knew Ludwig.

"Ludwig how long have you known (Y/N)?" Feli asked.

"We have known each other since we were kids so she also knows Gilbert as well, we are so close to (Y/N) she is like our sister" Ludwig Answered,

"Yea you know the whole my parents knew his parents and all that jazz" you continued.

After knowing a bit about each other you watched movies, chatted and laughed, especially when Ludwig was having a go at Feli for eating most of your cupcakes and getting hyper. Feli apologizing, waving a random white flag and asking not to hurt him. You found it cute and developed a little crush on the bubbly Italian. When it was time for them to leave they said their goodbyes and Feli giving you one last hug of the day and exchanging phone numbers.

"By Bella see you soon" Feli cheered,.

"Hai defiantly" said kiku bowing before walking off."

Ludwig was getting the car ready, he looked up to you and smiled and waved. You will defiantly be inviting them round again.
My First Hetalia x reader story this is the first part 

I hope you guy like it, I haven't written anything like this in a long time  
Sweating a little... 
please be nice and comment the next part will be up soon


Hetalia: Hidekazu Himaruya
story: mine
theotakugurl Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2015  Student General Artist
I want to read more! And I will!
Bloodycherry7299 Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2014
This is so good so far! I can't wait to read more! :D
ItaliaVargas11 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
i love the idea and story but i wish to make an editor's comment: You have a lot of run-on sentences. it's ok to chop them up a bit. Don't think i'm bombing the writing! I just think it would make this much more pleasant to read
Happysuzi Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2013
that's fine I understand i can see were i need to edit some parts of my story I just haven't had the time thank you for noticing and i will sort it out as soon as i can :)  
ItaliaVargas11 Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
ok, glad you understand! you deserve cookie :iconomgcookieplz:
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