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Popular! America X Lonely!Reader Will I fly or will I keep on falling?

You were looking at the bulletin board advertising for the "(School name) Got Talent?" poster.

You have lived a life that has been very confusing for you. Alfred. Alfred had been one of your best friends since you were children. He introduced you to other people, who you thought were awesome, and you still thought they were awesome since they are also your friends. Alfred introduced you to his friend Arthur Kirkland, his brother Matt, Feliciano and Lovino Vargas, Arthur's three older brothers, Kiku, and Ludwig.

That was all before Alfred became popular and started hanging around the bullies and popular girls.

You remember exactly what happened.

Flash back...

You were laughing and chatting while walking to school with Arthur and Feliciano, with Allistor, Dylan, Seamus, Kiku, and Ludwig behind you. You guys were going to meet up with Alfred at the entrance gate outside of school. You had a huge crush on the obnoxious, cheery American; you two did everything together. You went to Comic Cons and parties; you'd always hang out together whether it was at each others houses or in town.

Your laughing stopped when you saw Alfred laughing and hanging around the popular students. The popular kids bullied you even if your friends were there or not, but your friends were always there to help you get on your feet after standing up for you, especially Alfred. Arthur and Feli noticed something was wrong and followed your eye sight towards the popular students.

"Alfred, what are you doing hanging around these bloody idiots?" Arthur asked while walking towards said idiots. "Hey losers, don't talk about my friends that way," Alfred snapped, staring you guys. All eight of you gasped and eyes widened. You were the one to break the silence, "Alfred? What has gotten into you?" You asked, raising your voice a bit. Alfred flinched but calmed down quickly, "I became popular of course. Stop asking so many questions. It's annoying... just like you." Your heart shattered into a million pieces at hearing what Alfred just said. Seeing your eyes water, Alfred regretted what he said and started to speak but you cut in. "No," you said, shaking your head and stepping back a bit. "All the things we did and all the places we've been... I knew it was all a lie. You have broken the string between us Alfred and that is something you can't fix." You stopped for a moment before running off, leaving the popular guys laughing as well as the girls. Your friends ran after you and Alfred was left feeling hurt and regretful.

He only did this so you could notice him more. He had feelings for you too, but now he shattered your heart and hurt you instead.

End of flash back...

That was three weeks ago. You had lost all hopes and dreams. You felt lost and had no one except your friends; they were the only people you could go to, but you didn't want to worry them about your feelings and worries, so you kept them to yourself. You sighed and signed a fake name on the performance sheet, saying that you will be singing in the show. No one knew of your talent, not even Alfred. You could say this was a goodbye song for your friends, and at the same time, a goodbye song to Alfred, telling him you still had feelings for him.

Looking back in your mind, you continue to think that Alfred still likes you. Whenever your friends weren't there after the bullies pushed you around, Alfred would wait until they left and helped you to the nurse's office. But that was only once because the bullies found out and convinced him to stop helping you. They told him you were nothing and worthless, so he would stand there watching you get hurt, looking guilty yet he did nothing about it. He didn't want to lose you, but didn't want to lose popularity either; and that is what left you confused.

While remembering the past, one memory crept up in your mind and you smiled a little. Those were the good old days,' you thought, sighing.

Another flash back...

You and Alfred were on the roof relaxing, revealing in the cool wind that whipped around you. You were deep in thought, staring out across the town, sitting on the edge of the roof but holding on to a pole so you wouldn't fall. "What are you thinking about (y/n)?" Alfred asked, making you jump. You forgot he was with you, but you turned to him and smiled. "Nothing much, just day dreaming," you replied, looking out to the town again. "What about?" Alfred asked again, and instead of answering him, you asked your own question. "If I jumped from this building, would I fall or would I fly?"

"What sort of question is that? If you were about to jump, I'd catch you before you fell."

"And why is that?" you asked, looking at Alfred in concern.

"Because your my friend, and I wouldn't know what to do if I lost you," Alfred answered unsure what you were getting at.

"If I fly, that means I'm an angle and never realized. But if I kept on falling, I would just be another boring human being." You were never one to think of happiness in the first place anyway. Your mother died at child-birth and you father, even though he was good to you, went traveling a lot and you never really got to see him. But he would always call you to make sure you were okay, and everything was fine, but it was still depressing not being able to see him or your mother. Alfred was always the one who made you smile no matter what and tried to keep you happy.

"You're not boring (y/n), you have sense of humor, you're kind and funny! You don't need to change," Alfred said blushing a bit. He was technically showing you his affection but, being the oblivious girl you were, you didn't notice.

"Now come on, get down from there. I don't want you to fall, just in case I don't manage to catch you; and I wouldn't want to lose you," he said helping you off. You giggled at his worried face and the both of you walked back down the stairs to get to class.

End of flash back number 2...

Time skip...

The person holding the auditions was Lovino's friend Antonio, as well as Gilbert and Francis. They were cool, but you never really got to see them since they were older than you, and next year they will be gone from the school. "(Y/n), your name isn't on here," Antonio aid confused. "Oh, I know. I put down (made up fake name)," you nodded, understanding Antonio's confusion. "Ah. I see what you did here. You're going to surprise people, Frau," Gilbert said smirking at the name on the piece of paper. "What will you be showing us today (y/n)?" Francis asked. "I'm going to sing. This is just my audition song, there will be a different song on the night... if I get in," you said walking to the CD player. You liked older tech more than the newer kind.


After singing, (y/n) left; leaving us shocked and amazed. She had a voice like a goddess, an angle; it was just beautiful. Then again, we were pretty sure our brain was exaggerating, but that didn't change the fact (y/n) was good. She is definitely going to shock the audience on show night and will more than probably turn a few heads the next school day.

Time skip. Show night...

You were going to do it. After the song, you were going to jump from the rooftop of the school. You had enough of Alfred's new 'friends' treating you like shit, and just couldn't handle it anymore. You looked at your "To Do" suicide list once more and made sure you did what the list said: "Write letters to Lovi, Feli, Arthur, Kiku, Matt, Ludwig, and Arthur's brothers; check. Write a letter to Alfred; check... but give it to Gilbert and make sure he gets it half way through my singing." I looked down at yourself. "The clothes I am wearing look nice, it wasn't a dress, but at least I will look decent. Last, but not least, my make up. It wasn't too much but not too little either... oh! My hair, again neat and nice in its normal, straight style." You ticked off everything that was on the list before looking up at the mirror.

'Will I fly? Or will I just keep falling?' You thought, before leaving with nothing, not even your bag and went to school.

Another time skip time to see you shine...

You tried to hide yourself as much as possible so the other performers wouldn't see you. The friends that Alfred introduced you to, along with the BTT, were your only friends. The other students would just point and laugh if you fell over or you got pushed. No one knew you were here except the BTT, but they were not the judges sadly.

You gave the letter to Gilbert outside of school by the gate before walking to the theater, telling him, "Do not to open it.", and, "Give it to Alfred and tell him to open it half way through my song.". The reason you got Gil to tell Alfred to open it half way through was so that if Alfred still cared for you, he would chase after you, leaving his popular friends to save you and you would know that he still cares for you.

Reading the order sheet, with your real name on it this time, the principle kept your secret about the fake name, and now called out your real name. "And next we have a singer along with the band behind me. Allistor playing the drums, Dylan playing the electric guitar, and Seamus playing bass; who will be playing the music for the song Enchanted originally by Taylor swift, but tonight being sung by (f/n) (l/n)." After you heard your name, you walked out onto the stage towards the mic stand. Whispers and giggles bounced around the room. You looked at the band behind you and they looked shocked that you were the one singing.

The students wouldn't stop talking and it was getting really uncomfortable. "OI, WILL YOU GUYS SHUT THE HELL UP AND LET HER SING, GOD DAMN IT?!" a voice shouted. Surprised, you looked to see who it was. You saw Alfred standing up from his spot and was glaring at everybody. They were also surprised by Alfred's sudden outburst. He turned and looked at you with sorry eyes, even with the bright light you could see he has lost some of that pretty blue color. 'He still likes me? Maybe suicide isn't the best option... No, this is the only way to find out if he still likes me and this song is to express my feelings for him,' you thought closing your eyes for a brief second.

'I don't know why but I still have felling for Alfie. Please feel the same way.' Opening your eyes you looked at the band and nodded your head to let them know you were ready. It was funny to see the Kirkland brothers with eyes wide in shock since they are just the band playing all the music for the singers for the show. They were probably told the fake name you wrote down.

The music started up and you looked to the audience. You saw the BTT smirking, knowing about your voice, and then looked at Alfred keeping your eyes on him the whole time to make sure he got the message. That he knew this song was for him, also for your friends, but mainly for Alfred.

There I was again tonight
Forcing laughter, faking smiles
Same old tired lonely place

Walls of insincerity,
Shifting eyes and vacancy
Vanished when I saw your face

All I can say is it was enchanting to meet you

Your eyes whispered, "Have we met?"
Across the room your silhouette
Starts to make its way to me
The playful conversation starts
Counter all your quick remarks
Like passing notes in secrecy

And it was enchanting to meet you
All I can say is I was enchanted to meet you
You took a quick glance at your friends, who were sitting together; their faces looked shocked at your voice, but also worried. They must have read their letters already. You looked at the rest of the students, and they too were in shock at your performance and voice. You couldn't help but smile at their faces, it was quite amusing.

This night is sparkling, don't you let it go
I'm wonder-struck, blushing all the way home
I'll spend forever wondering if you knew
I was enchanted to meet you

The lingering question kept me up
2 AM, who do you love?
I wonder 'til I'm wide awake
And now I'm pacing back and forth
Wishing you were at my door
I'd open up and you would say, "Hey,
It was enchanting to meet you,
All I know is I was enchanted to meet you."

You looked back at Alfred, the last image you saw before you closed your eyes was of is awe-stricken face. You started to remember all the good times you had with Alfred and your friends. All the playing, all the fun, the laughter and jokes.

What you didn't know was that Alfred was thinking the same thing. He misses you and still loves you, getting the message that this song was for him. He knew the feeling in his stomach was telling him it was a goodbye song for him and your friends. 'What have I done?' he thought, feeling tears fill his eyes. He didn't want you gone... you were everything to him.

This night is sparkling, don't you let it go

I'm wonder-struck, blushing all the way home
I'll spend forever wondering if you knew
This night is flawless, don't you let it go
I'm wonder-struck, dancing around all alone
I'll spend forever wondering if you knew
I was enchanted to meet you

This is me praying that
This was the very first page
Not where the story line ends
My thoughts will echo your name
Until I see you again
These are the words I held back
As I was leaving too soon
I was enchanted to meet you

Alfred quickly grabbed the note that Gilbert gave him and read it.

'Hi Alfred, just wanted to let you know (if you read this before the song starts, even though I got Gilbert to tell you to open this during the show)... well I'm singing. I will be singing Enchanted by Taylor Swift. This is a song to tell you how I feel and it is also a goodbye song for you and the amazing friends you introduced me to.

I can't handle it anymore! Your new so-called friends have broken me. I love you, Alfred. I always have, so you are the only one who can fix me. The string may be broken between us but it can also be fixed by tying a knot so we can be connected again. If you truly love me back, save me and catch me before I fall just like you promised. Unless you see me fly with wings, then I am obviously an angel. If there is such a thing as time loops, I will see you soon in a different time where we hopefully start over with us not even knowing about it.

Goodbye Alfred...'

Please don't be in love with someone else
Please don't have somebody waiting on you
Please don't be in love with someone else
Please don't have somebody waiting on you

Alfred continued to cry silently, his eyes and cheeks showing tear stains. You finally opened your eyes as tears started to roll down your face, you just couldn't hold them in anymore. What made you cry more was seeing your friends and Alfred with matching tears stained cheeks and red, blotchy eyes. You could even sense the Kirkland brothers crying silently behind you, and the BTT were also crying. Actually everyone was crying and they were crying silently. Was it because of the lyrics, or your beautiful voice singing smoothly with music? Perhaps both. Nonetheless, they were crying. But Alfred, you, and your friends knew the real reason.

This night is sparkling, don't you let it go

I'm wonder-struck, blushing all the way home
I'll spend forever wondering if you knew
This night is flawless, don't you let it go
I'm wonder-struck, dancing around all alone
I'll spend forever wondering if you knew
I was enchanted to meet you

Please don't be in love with someone else
Please don't have somebody waiting on you.

Once the last note finished playing there was silence for a little while. The BTT started to clap, then the judges, and then your friends. Even the popular kids started to clap along with everyone else, giving you a standing ovation, the first standing ovation and maybe even the last. Alfred clapped last, standing up with everyone else, giving you a small smile, making your broken heart melt. "Thank you (y/n) that was... that was just... Wow..." the principle said, wiping a tear from his eye. So much affection and loss of tears in just over 5 minutes. You felt amazing and satisfied to show people your talent. If you fly, maybe the students might look at you differently now, you will no longer a loser or a geek. No one will push you, shove you, or laugh at you. But you didn't care about all that; all you wanted was friend back, your love, Alfred.

You still carried on silently crying, as did everyone else. You bowed to say 'thank you', then walked off stage, not even bothering to know who won. In the audience Alfred left the auditorium followed by your friends, to stop you from jumping.

Time skip...

You were now on the roof. It was hard to see the town in the dark, but you still felt like the King of the world... well, Queen of the world. "If I stand up and jump, would I fly or would I keep on falling?" you asked yourself. You took a glance down. Your eyes widened in fright, "I haven't been up here in a long time. I forgot how high I am," you mumbled, talking to yourself again.

You have been up here for at least half an hour now and you felt tears pricking your eyes once more. "He didn't come for me...," you cried, tears rolling down your cheeks. It was a good thing you wore water proof make up, you knew you were going to cry a lot tonight. Instead of pushing yourself off, you were going jump as planned. You grabbed on to the pole and stood up before looking down again. That was when you thought of another theory. "If I jump backwards, I would land with my arms like angel wings, and the last thing I would see would be the beautiful night sky and the stars twinkling as the moon light glows."

You closed your eyes and sighed. You didn't hear the running or the shouts of your name. With your eyes closed, you managed to shut everything out. You felt yourself starting to fall backwards but then for some reason, you fell forwards falling on something soft yet quite masculine. You opened your eyes to see teary blue ones staring back at you. "Please don't jump. If you fell and didn't fly, I wouldn't know what I would do with out you," the man stated, pushing you lightly so he could sit up. "I love you (y/n), I love you so much. I let popularity get the best of me, when really I was trying to get you to notice me more. You beautiful (y/n), I didn't want this to happen. But I'm guessing it didn't work and instead it made you want to kill yourself," he continued as he started crying again, but this time loudly, not caring if anyone followed him. He cried on your shoulder and wrapped his arms around your waist, hugging you tightly.

"D-Don't *hiccup* ever do anything like *hiccup* again. Please forgive me *hiccup*," Alfred cried looking up to meet your (e/c) eyes with his own puppy dog, pleading eyes. You cupped his cheek and slowly kissed him on the lips. "I forgive you Alfred," You said, smiling. Your crying finally stopped. Alfred grinned, his smile back and tackled you in a hug. "Will you be my girlfriend (y/n)?" he asked kissing all over your face. "Yes, yes I would love to," you giggled. You and Alfred stood up and entwined hands, a gesture in your mind that the invisible string between you and Alfred fixed itself just by a simple knot.
pfft this story is so long it could of been a twoshot but I wanted it to be a oneshot so here it is, I hope you enjoy and please Comment and fave thank you.

I'm so tiered... blablabla, it was like 12:00 am when I finished this, then I sent it to get it proof read... thank you :iconhetalia-animeftw: . And went strait to bed, it's now 07:55 and I'm still tiered after writing this even though it was 7 hours ago :p.

This story just popped into my head while listening to a load of Depressing Taylor Swift songs and I thought Enchanted would a good song to use for this stor, here is the link to the song if you don't know it already…

Story Written by: me :iconhappysuzi:

Proof read and some editing: thank you :iconhetalia-animeftw:
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Me:Uhh...Nope*Pushes you instead of me* Mwuhahahaha!

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And with that, she disappeared into the darkness, only seen at dusk when her night shift as a hero begun, since that wanker, Superman, always took the day shift.
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